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How Men Respond to Your Message

When planning a marketing campaign for your business, you’ll want get inside the heads of your potential customers in order to know the best way reach them. Here are some tips to help you understand how men respond to your message.

Most men care a lot about whether or not something works and how it works, but they don’t care as much about the story of how the business came to be, or the emotional connections they can make by purchasing the product or service. They care about how the purchase benefits them, and whether or not they can get in and buy it quickly or not so that they can go back to doing something else.

Banner and Digital Ads

According to Microsoft, men are more responsive to digital ads than women. Even if they don’t click through, they see the advertisement on their computer or mobile device and it does influence their choice of whether or not to buy. Men are also more likely to use digital coupons than women.

You Must Be Mobile

Generally, men are using mobile technology to shop while they are at lunch, waiting in line, and doing other activities. The stereotype is mostly true: men don’t like to shop. But, they will shop if they need to. If your store is not responsive, you will lose out on sales because when a man is ready to buy something he’s not going to come back later; he’s going to buy the item right now, and if not from your store then another store.

Good SEO

Due to the importance of digital ads and search engines, having a website that is search engine optimized is imperative. As men usually conduct searches to help them find solutions to problems, if they don’t see a banner advertisement, a coupon, or a link on the first page that looks impressive, they’re not likely to find you at all.

Social Media and Word of Mouth

While most women value what their significant other says more, men value a combination of factors from what their friends say, as well as what facts the advertisements say. Plus, they care about what is being said on social media. Word of mouth is an important element in helping men choose to make a purchase.

Forget Catalogs

In general, men do not like just looking at catalogs to find what they want to purchase. They like reading quick points about the solution they seek. A few pictures are nice, but they’re not going to flip through a catalog to just look at the pictures then find something they want and buy.

Remember, men don’t care about the back story as much as women. They want to hear or skim a list of bullet points about a situation and then they want you to fix it, or give them the power to fix it. They like following well-written directions without additional commentary, unlike most women who enjoy the commentary and the back story. Men generally just want the facts and for you to get to the point.