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Twelve Types of Facebook Posts That Are Guaranteed to Engage People

Facebook is a social media giant. Without a doubt it’s the most popular social networking site in the world, and in the past ten years it’s managed to get billions of people hooked on the platform. There are many different kinds of Facebook posts but here we’re going to look at Facebook posts that will engage people.

Social networking is all about interacting and if you can’t get people to interact with your posts, you’re probably not doing it right. Let’s take a look at twelve types of Facebook posts that are guaranteed to get people involved.

1. Like or Comment

Facebook is a very visual social network and one way to get people to engage is to post a picture. The next step would be to put two pictures together either side by side or one on top of the other and ask people to “like” if they prefer the option in one picture or “comment” if they prefer the other option.

2. Name Your Favorite

Open-ended questions are one of the easiest ways to drive engagement on Facebook. Asking people what their favorite movie, band or website is could generate a lot of engagement depending on how many people are willing to answer.

3. Caption Contest

Finding a picture that looks like it’s trying to say something funny is always a great time to hold a caption contest. Simply post the picture, ask people to add a caption in the comments and if the picture is good enough you should be getting massive amounts of comments in no time.

4. Looking for Advice

Reaching out for help is a great way to get people to engage with your Facebook page. Asking people what the best way to complete a task such as cooking a food item, building something, training a pet or any other situation that would require input from other people is a great way to drive traffic.

5. Like If You Do This

This post is almost too easy. Facebook users love pictures, so posting a picture of an activity or something people commonly enjoy and asking them to “like” the post if they enjoy it as well will certainly help you. A great example is posting a picture of ice cream and asking people to “like” the picture if they enjoy ice cream too. Honestly, though, who doesn’t love ice cream?

6. Nostalgia Posts

Every generation is different and making people feel nostalgic is a great way to engage users. Questions such as “remember when you had to rewind a video tape to watch a movie?” could be a big hit with the right crowd.

7. What Would You Do?

We as people like to think about what we would do in different situations. Asking people what they would do in certain situations is a great way to get some answers. Questions such as, “What would you do if you had 40 million dollars?” could end up getting you a lot of answers.

8. Fill in the Blank

Fill in the blank posts are also a pretty easy way to get people engaged. Asking someone to fill in the blank in sentences such as “my favorite food is (blank)” is another great way to get people to interact.

9. Post a Picture

It can’t be emphasized enough that Facebook users love photos. A great way to get people involved is to have them post a photo of their own. Post a status asking people to post a picture of their favorite vacation spot in the comments and watch how many responses you get.

10. Recommendations

Need a new website to visit? How about a new book to read or movie to watch? A great way to get people involved is to ask for recommendations and you might actually end up finding something you like.

11. Name Something without the Letter (Blank) in It

Surely you’ve seen these types of posts before. Someone posts a status or picture asking you to name a fruit or vegetable without the letter “a” in its name. This is a fun way to keep people involved and almost always gets the type of reaction you’re looking for.

12. Yes or No?

It might seem simple but yes or no questions are an easy way to get people talking. Even the simplest question such as asking people if they like pizza and telling them to respond with yes or no could work like a charm.

As you can see by the examples above, Facebook is a highly interactive website. You need to constantly engage people to keep them interested in your page and if you use some of the examples above you should get plenty of people talking. What are you waiting for? Go give a few of these a try.