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The Romance of Homesteading

It is a compelling and romantic dream to be able to live off the land and be completely self-sufficient.

It is a dream that involves living lightly on the planet and finding satisfaction in freedom and independence.

Though we no longer have the skills or the inclination to live like the pioneers, the idea of a homestead that provides for the needs of the family remains an inspiration to many.

For me, homesteading involves the dream of being my own boss, working from home, and being part of my local community but also being part of a virtual community providing mutual help and support.

And I am getting closer to my dream. The work that I do outside my home is work that I love, teaching and giving back to my spiritual community.

But I am working hard on my work at home. It is partly for the convenience – no more digging my car out of snowbanks to get to work or get back home – but partly for the romance of it. I love the idea of being in charge of my destiny.

Like homesteading, being your own boss is hard, relentless work. Combining this with the idea of living lightly takes a very new and different kind of self-discipline.

Living simply flies in the face of our consumer culture, but it is one of the things that helps make independence possible.

I have to believe that the hard work and self-sacrifice is worth it. The prize is better health, a cleaner planet, a stronger sense of community, and a truckload of self-satisfaction.